Skipjack's Employee of the Month - May 2013

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Skipjack's Employee of the Month - May 2013

Employee of the Month - May 2013

Peter Dowd - General Manager, Skipjack's Patriot Place

 We love seafood, but there’s one thing we love even more - our staff. We have some of the best chefs, cooks, servers, and managers in Boston and so we decided that we should share them with you!

We chose "Pete" as our employee of the month because he's is a leader, a team player and he loves his life and job. He's in a good mood 99.9% of the time and his positive outlook is infectious. We're so lucky to have him as part of the Skipjack's family.

Q&A with Peter Dowd

How long have you worked at Skipjack's?
 9.5 years

What's your favorite menu item? Past or present.

So many to choose from. However, the #1 winner would have to be our Gingered Sea Bass. A close second would be Skipjack's Style Haddock, as the seasoning is so unique and flavorful.

What's your favorite cocktail?

My favorite cocktail would have to be the Skipjack's Mai Tai or Sangria. These are 2 cocktails that just scream "Summer is here!" Really my favorite is any bottle of wine, because that signifies that we're with friends & family, sharing the same libation, while also sharing a memorable dinner and conversation.

What is your favorite part of working at Skipjack's?

I like working at Skipjack’s because it's a reputable, proud company. It had to be a real test of courage to open up a seafood restaurant in New England back in the day, when everyone was a "professional" seafood critic and there was some pretty famous competition. To successfully establish themselves as a creative, quality innovator in such a difficult business and to earn a reputation of having both quality food and business savvy, are just a few of the reasons I like working for Skipjack’s. Of all the restaurants that I have worked in my lifetime, this job has taught me the most! Working here has taught me to be a better businessman, a better a leader, and a better accountant. I've learned so much because someone in the organization has taken the time to explain things to me so I can understand them and use them in business. Every day I walk by the Life is Good store, and think their mantra fits me perfectly: ”Do what you like, and like what you do."  

Who's the most interesting/famous person you've met while working at Skipjack's?

Where do I begin? My wife and I have discussed this extensively. I believe that because I work for Skipjack's, and especially that I'm at the Patriot Place location, I've been afforded the luxury of meeting many famous people and celebrities that I otherwise would never have come across in my lifetime. The list of famous people and celebs is enormous....from Mr. Robert, Jonathan & Danny Kraft, Maria Stephanos of FOX 25 News & her family, Mr. Bill Perochi & his family (CEO of Pebble Beach), Lance Barrows &Mike Arnold of CBS Sports, to 90% of the New England Patriots Football team, coaches & families, past NE Patriot Football players and their families. If you want to hear more, stop by and ask me!

What's your favorite season at Skipjack's?

Summer and the fall. Summer: for many reasons. All people just seem “happier” to me in the summer. I favor all summer activities over winter activities. I love the fall for its colors, as well as football season. How much better can life be than working at Gillette stadium, meeting all kinds of Football players, TV personalities, all kinds of people I only ever read about or heard about??

What do you do after a hard day of work at Skipjack's?

After a good hard day’s work, or at the end of a day off, I enjoying a cigar and reflect on all the past family members and friends I've had the pleasure of sharing my life with. I am grateful for all of these interactions, as it has contributed to making me the person that I am today. I just wish that the time spent hadn’t been so quick. I quietly thank them all, daily. After that, I also remember to be grateful for this life; and all the many people who I have met, work with, and interact with.

Thanks Pete!